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Why I Created POP Fit

As the Founder of POP Fit, I believe that...


... well, at least the leggings that we make here at POP Fit.

I used to go to the mall and look for leggings to wear to school and work. They'd either be super saggy and unflattering and boxy, wouldn’t stay up, or they'd be this shiny scuba fabric that was just not cute.

Also! Most athletic leggings look just ridiculous when worn outside of the gym. I would get so annoyed when people asked me if I had just come from the gym, when I sometimes had not and was wearing them as casual clothing.

Can you relate?

I wanted leggings that I could wear anywhere as pants, but still felt comfortable and light, didn't stick to my skin, and looked great on my body. So, I started a line called POP Fit to solve all of these problems!

All Pants Need Pockets

We Love Pockets!

Throw in your ID, Credit Card in one pocket and your Cell Phone in the other... and you are good to go!

These aren't the tiny zipper pockets you've seen elsewhere, our pockets easily hold an iPhone Plus.

No Purse Required!

We feature many styles of pockets in various fabrics. We love mesh pockets and pockets that add a pop of color... so it's not just functionality, but also style.

POP Fit Signature Structured Back

Take a look at the backside of most of our leggings. We have created the POP Fit structured back. That's where there are two double curved lines. One at the small of your back and the other at the curve of your butt.

This design adds depth and structure to the backside to make your behind look amazing.


Our leggings are designed to be worn every day! Our material is made from an extra soft poly-spandex blend.

And every single seam is sewn using a flat stitch technique so there are no bulky seams on the inside of the legging that will rub or chafe.

Other leggings have limited flat stitching in some places but not all because flat stitching is more expensive and harder to construct.

But we believe that all seams must be flat for maximum comfort!

There's no itch. No bunching. Only maximum comfort.

I'm 6'1" and my business partner is only 5'4". We've designed these leggings to work for people of all heights. Our special ankle design ensures that the legging will hug your ankle, no matter how tall you are!